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It’s Crush It Time!

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Debbie Wood Daily Crushers

Love, exciting and new
Come aboard, we’re expecting you
Love, life’s sweetest reward
Let it flow, it floats back to you

Love Boat soon will be making another run
The Love Boat promises something for everyone

OK, OK, so I’m hearing from the little birds around that we don’t look much like a tribe, more like a bunch on a vacation!! I’ll give you that, but you haven’t heard our calls where we do the war dance and light up the fires!!

Stick with me here…. I’m sure you’ll understand exactly why we ARE a tribe by the end of this post.

To begin with, by way of introduction……

We are a tribe, but not the kind of tribe that you are probably picturing. We have no feathers or war dress, and, to the best of my knowledge I’m the only one who rides a horse.

We are a Tribe of Entrepreneurs who are following a principal developed by Seth Godin in this book called “Tribes,” and we are combining the principles found in a book called Crush It! by Gary Vaynarchuk.

We’ll come back to this topic a little later on.

But first, I’d like to Introduce you to our cast of characters. You can further get to know us by clicking on the links below the descriptions. Please join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg and YouTube!

Also, and this is most important, join our Fan Page on Facebook here:

The Daily Crushers!!

So, without further adieu, [insert drumroll here] we are …..


When you think of a tribe, who is the first person you think of with respect to that tribe? The Chief, right??

Every tribe MUST have a leader?? We are just a bit different in that respect because I believe for our tribe we are all leaders. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses and we compliment each other very well. However, if you look at the cast of the Love Boat, someone must be Captain Stubbing. Right?

So, I’m just going to make an executive decision (I’m allowed to do that I think) and elect someone to be Captain Stubbing.


Patrick McIntosh Daily CrushersOur CAPTAIN MERRILL STUBING is most definitely Patrick McIntosh.

Patrick is a born leader. He has the enthusiasm and energy of a child and is leading us to heights that we can only imagine.

(OK, so I admit, he doesn’t look much like a sea captain here in this picture, but he does look like he’s a lot of fun right??? Truth be told, Patrick is a blast!) When he’s not meandering his way down the slopes on a snowboard, he’s blogging for the olympics or interviewing a rising sports star.

(Did I mention he’s a wine guy too!). Be sure to go to his blog and check out some of his videos. You will laugh a lot, I promise.

We depend on Patrick to keep our ship on course towards online domination!

Connect with Patrick Here:

Linked In

Skype: mcinpat

All right, on to the next member of the tribe…..


Phil Jackson Daily Crushers

There is no doubt about who Phil Jackson is in our tribe. He’s our Yeoman Purser Burl “Gopher” Smith.

Do you remember how easy going Gopher was?

Do you remember how he just got along with everyone and basically knew EVERYTHING. He was kind of like the McGyver of the LoveBoat, right.

Well, that’s Phil in our tribe. To know him is to love him. If you need the shirt off his back, it’s basically yours.

Connect with Phil Here:

Linked In

Skype Name: Phil Jackson


Bruce Backman….. Well, his parallel character on The Love Boat is an easy one to spot. Did you ever think about what it takes to be a great bartender.Bruce Backman Daily Crushers

You have to deal with a lot of people, right?

Stay organized with crowds, right?

That being said, let me introduce you to our Bartender, Sir Isaac Washington, aka Bruce Backman.

You see, Bruce has SEVEN children (and let me tell you, they are ALL beautiful). You can check them out at his facebook page. Just click on the link below and go to his pictures. When we plan something in our tribe we have to make sure it doesn’t conflict with a birthday !!

In all of this posts on his blog, you can literally feel his heart, so go to visit his blog and start reading.

Connect with Bruce Here:

Linked In

Skype: Bruce Backman


Glenn Arcaro Daily CrushersGlenn Arcaro is most definitely our Dr. Adam Bricker.

You see doctors must be precise and knowledgeable and Glenn definitely knows a lot about a lot of stuff. Being in the film business, attention to detail and a vast knowledge of a lot of subjects is a must. (Just like a doctor, right). But the cool thing about Glenn is that he’s just as comfortable in FRONT of the camera as he is working with the techie stuff behind it. His videos are always fun to watch. Check him out on YouTube below and see what I mean.

Every tribe needs a good go to person for the inner working of “things.” Glenn is definitely ours and we’re lucky to have him aboard.

He teaches us how to eat right too, which is very important, because without your health, you got nothin’

Connect with Glenn Here:

Linked In

Skype: filmcutter77


Heather Taskovics Daily Crushers, please, everyone help me give a warm Love Boat welcome to our cruise director Heather Taskovics, our very own Julie McCoy!

Heather is the perfect “Julie!” She’s always there, always up and cheerful, and always coming up with a solution to the questions we’re asking.

Heather is a mom, a wife, a daughter and a great Internet Marketer. Her knowledge of technology pretty much blew me away when we first started working together. When she talks about some of the things she does and her knowledge, it’s just fun to listen to.

Heather is also a musician and a member of the Fife and Drum Corp. You can learn a lot more about her by visiting her blog, and make sure to sign up and follow here on Facebook, etc.

Connect with Heather Here:

Linked In

Skype Name: Heather Taskovics


Debbie Wood - Daily CrushersMe (Debbie Wood) Well, I guess the only part left for me to play is Vicki Stubing, the Captain’s young daughter! [OK, I’ll take the young part any day, but the minute Patrick asks me to call him Daddy, I’m done :)]

I’ve always been labeled as the girl who just wanted to have fun, and I guess that goes with the territory of being the youngster [sidenote: I’m not really the youngster, but that’s what makes it so fun here, you can dream up whatever you want]!!

I jump in where I can to help and do a good job of staying awake even though I’m on East Coast time and our meetings are very late for us!

Connect with Debbie Here:

Linked In

Skype: deb-wood


So there you have it, our cast of characters, and yes, we are characters! We are not exactly a motley crew, but you can see we live a little on the edge and like to set our sails for the wild side of life.

Next, I’d like to explain to you a little about our philosophy. (Remember I told you we’d come back to this later).

Our Mission Statement, if you will, comes basically from two books, Tribes by Seth Godin and Crush It! by Gary Vaynarchuk.

We came together as a group and we are using the philosophies of both of these great books to build our tribe and get our name out on the Internet.

Our goal is to Crush It! on the Internet.

Join us in our mission! Let’s just have a rockin’ good time.

Join us at our Fan Page on Facebook! We’d love to have you sail with us!


32 Responses to “It’s Crush It Time!”
  1. Debbie,
    I LOVE visiting your blog—you always inspire me! This was a great way to introduce your Tribe members. I met Glenn this past weekend at an Empowered Tribe seminar and yes, he’s the doctor. He contributed a lot to the event.

    You share is an up close and personal way and shed a spotlight on each member. You’re a treasure!


    Debbie Reply:

    Thanks Darlene, I appreciate your comments!


  2. Hi Debbie,

    All looks great. I know most of the guys in your tribe and Glenn especially. Everyone is outstanding and I wish you all the success in the world with your mini team and tribe.

    I will follow your progress and learn more about what you are doing,



  3. Phil Jackson says:

    AWESOME! Thank you so much Vicki Stubing! The thing about the Daily Crushers is that they are fun and cool and get things done all at the same time! Phil
    .-= Phil Jackson´s last blog ..Time Management Help: Regaining Balance In Your Life =-.


  4. I love your spirit Deb…it is refreshing and fun and since. Thanks for doing this for the Daily Crushers…I love all of you and am beyond excited to be a part of where we are heading. I wholeheartedly recommend to the fine folks out there to come check us all out.

    Thanks for making this great post! Many Blessings!

    Bruce (Isaac)
    .-= Bruce Backman´s last blog ..The Ring of Power-One Ring to Rule Them All =-.


  5. Debbie, you have me smiling from ear to ear. What better way to hit the nail on the head than with your Love Boat connection. Love your spirited and fun way of communicating. Vicki is alive and well in you. When Vicki- Debbie speaks, I listen.


  6. Edward says:

    Hey Debbie,

    What an amazing group of people you are working with. I have had the pleasure of connecting with most you guys over the past couple of months. This is very exciting. Gary V is totally crushing it out there. I can just image the great things you will accomplish with this mission, enthusiasm and spirit.
    Many blessings for your great success.

    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,


  7. Hi Deb,

    You are just a blast yourself! I have connected with most of your tribe, but I feel like I know them better through your eyes. You are a great group and I do believe that you are on the path to Internet Domination!

    CRUSH IT!!!!

    Mentor Mama


  8. What a crew! Daddy or Captain- whatever you want to call me ;0) what a cool post and really what a great group. I am so proud of us, doing what we are doing and impacting like we are… Debbie, you are the A#1 Vicki Crusher! You crack me up. I can’t believe you could pull that name out. U R awesome!
    Viva los Daily Crushers!


  9. Linda G Cox says:

    Hey Deb!
    What a fun post! I believe in the tribe concept, I’m living it too! This group looks like a riot! You set a great example of combining the group creatively! Thank you!!


    Debbie Wood Reply:

    Thank you Linda. I had fun doing it!


  10. Kathy Jodrey says:

    Wow Debbie, what a powerhouse you have going on here! Tribe involvement can be an incredibly rewarding, enriching experience, but at the same time it’s important to be aligned with key players. Looks like you’ve hit it right on the head.

    Congratulations on a job well done!
    .-= Kathy Jodrey´s last blog ..What the Heck is an RSS Feed Aggregator, and Why Should You Care? =-.


  11. Angel Taylor says:

    Isn’t it awesome having a tribe to work closely with? I love the Love Boat analogy! Too cool :)

    .-= Angel Taylor´s last blog ..Social Media Mania 2010 =-.


  12. John Chatman says:

    The Daily Crushers absolutely rock and they are lucky to have you lead the charge as one of the major partners!!

    .-= John Chatman´s last blog ..Flow Like Water =-.


  13. Kevin M. says:

    What a great tribe you’ve got! I am looking forward to getting to know you through the TSA!
    .-= Kevin M.´s last blog ..Favourite Links Friday 6/18/10 =-.


  14. Rod COOK says:

    Great job on this blog… no wonder it is in the top 50 and with a PR3 almost none of the others have that rating and that is because you are encouraging posts and comments

    Rod Cook MLM Watchdog


  15. Deb what a fabulous way to introduce your tribe! We just launched a site for our Leaders Cafe ( and this is a great way to get to know the leaders…although there are too many to put in one post I’m afraid. Your way of introducing Crushers wasn’t like most I’ve seen that are simply marketing. You took time to create and dream a bit bigger and I found it inspiring. Excellent work my friend.

    .-= Kellie Frazier´s last blog ..Two Kinds of Leaders; The Honorable Ones and The Dishonorable Ones – Which Do You Want To Be? =-.


  16. I am glad to be part of the TSA and look forward to sharing content from more people. Such a brilliant Idea.


  17. rebeccahappy says:

    What a nice way to introduce your tribe/team to us. Nice to keep it fun too and make it easy to connect with these characters on their social platforms.
    .-= rebeccahappy´s last blog ..Using Social Networking Platforms Like Squidoo For Credibility -amp Faster SEO =-.


  18. Clint White says:

    Not only is this post informative…it’s entertaining as well!! I’m loving the Love Boat reference!!
    .-= Clint White´s last blog ..What is a Favicon and Why You Need One =-.


  19. Thank you Debbie for introducing me to a brand new bunch of faces. I love my tribe TSA because of that very thing…meeting people whom we would normally never get the chance to find.
    Inspiring post!


  20. Angela says:

    Too cute! What a fun blog post! I loved watching the Love Boat so that was a great way to introduce your tribe. I also loved the book Crush it. Everytime I work on my business these days my husband and I say I am “crushing it.” Sounds like I am not original on that.
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..A Cool Free Seo Tool For Your Blog Posts and Articles =-.


  21. Hey Debby, love the love boat and the analogy you used here. I also belong to a tribe and am enjoying it greatly but never thought to promote them in this way, so may steal your idea for my next post.
    .-= belinda cunningham´s last blog ..What is a favicon and how can I get one =-.


  22. Great introduction to your tribe … makes everyone want to be a part of the group!!



  23. Matthew Neer says:

    Hey there Debbie,

    Great post you got here. I love the way you outlined everybody and their roles in the Daily Crushers. It’s been great getting to know all of you here, technology is such an awesome tool. Without I would have never met any of you.

    Keep on rockin,
    Matthew Neer
    .-= Matthew Neer´s last blog ..HUGE LGN Prosperity Commissions Update =-.


    Debbie Reply:

    Thanks Matthew! Just imagine the people we would not have met if not for this great industry. You are amazing and I’ve learned so much from you that I couldn’t imagine how much further behind I would be right now if not for your knowledge and leadership!


  24. Very entertaining. Nostalgic really. Now I have to dig a little deeper to find out what “Crush it” on the internet means.
    .-= Gary Young- China Sourcing´s last blog ..Links for 2010-09-12 delicious =-.


  25. Thanks, Debbie…now I’ll be humming that song all day….. (laugh)

    Love the originality of this post….. it made for a fun read!

    To your continued success,
    .-= Robin van der Merwe´s last blog ..Three Tricks to Get Your Tweets Noticed =-.


  26. Hi Debbie –
    What an inventive way of sharing your tribe! LOVE IT! And it’s a great reminder that while we create tribes to grow our businesses, they can also be fun! I have just started reading ‘Crush it’ and I have already deduced that the content is worthy of being the foundation for a tribe. Best of luck to all of you, I can’t wait to see more through TSA! Be well, Allegra
    .-= Allegra Sinclair´s last blog ..Why You Should Focus on Your Distinctive Skills =-.


  27. Hi Debbie –
    What an inventive way of sharing your tribe! LOVE IT! And it’s a great reminder that while we create tribes to grow our businesses, they can also be fun! I have just started reading ‘Crush it’ and I have already deduced that the content is worthy of being the foundation for a tribe. Best of luck to all of you, I can’t wait to see more through TSA! Be well, Allegra


  28. Debbie,

    Great post. I’m somewhat new to the “tribe” term but have been studying similar concepts. Nice site you have here. Keep up the great work.



    Debbie Reply:

    Thanks Terry! I appreciate your comment. Tribe are not only a lot of fun, but they are very good for blogging and sharing common interests. Let me know if you have any questions! Have a great day!


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