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Ebook Mechanics – How to Create Ebook Content 101

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So You Want To Be A Writer…..

Are you ready to really learn Ebook Mechanics? Do you want to create Ebook content as easy as thinking about what it is you love?

Once you grasp the concept, learning Ebook Mechanics is as easy at 1-2-3!

Creating Ebooks is really just like building anything.

When you build a home, you start with a foundation. When you create Ebook content, you basically start with the same thing…. A Foundation!

So let’s start at the beginning:

A blank piece of paper is God’s way of
telling us how hard it is to be God.

~~Sidney Sheldon

Step 1: Wrap Your Mind Around Your Passion and Dive In

Begin by realizing that learning Ebook Mechanics and learning how to Create Ebook content is not easy – it’s simple – but not easy.

You must first develop the mindset that you won’t quit until you have a great piece of work that is worthy of someone else’s time to read.

Second, realize that EVERYONE, and yes, that includes you, has a book inside of them. Don’t ever think that you’re not interesting enough to spill what you know.

Ebook Mechanics has obvious beginnings, what are you passionate about?

What do you love?

Do you love…

  • Boating
  • Fishing or the Beach
  • Dogs or Cats
  • Traveling to Jamaica
  • One Tank Trips
  • Gardening
  • imagesWell, I think you get the picture, right.

    Just take your passion, whatever it is you love to do, and write about it. For every subject you can come up with, there are literally thousands of people who will be interested in reading about it.

    Really take some time with this one. Really think about what turns you on, what makes you jump out of bed in the morning.

    Unless you’re really jazzed about what you’re doing, I promise you will fail.

    OK, now you have your subject let’s move on to….

    Step 2: Creating a Blueprint

    To create an Ebook that people will actually be interested in reading, and perhaps even parting with some very hard earned money to get, it needs to have a very important trait, it has to have FLOW.

    You must hold the readers attention. Let’s face it. How long will you read a book that you don’t like?

    To create flow, we must start with a good outline. Let’s use writing a blog for an example.

    If we’re writing a book about starting a Blog, a typical outline could go something like this:

  • Chapter 1 – Choosing Your Subject
  • Chapter 2 – Choosing a Hosting Company
  • Chapter 3 – Your Lead Magnet
  • Chapter 3 – Business Start Up
  • Chapter 4 – Goals
  • Chapter 5 – Promotion of Blog
  • Then you can take the outline a bit further by adding additional bullet points to it. At this point your eBook will start coming together like a puzzle that fits like a glove!images

    Chapter 1 – Choosing Your Subject

    Finding Your Passion
    Narrowing it Down
    Who is your Target Audience
    How Broad of a Field Do you Want

    Chapter 2 – Choosing a Hosting Company

    How much do you want to spend
    How web-savvy are you
    Do you want to outsource or do it yourself

    Chapter 3 – Your Lead Magnet

    Free Report
    Free Ebook
    How to classes

    Chapter 3 – Business Start Up

    How much capital am I working with
    How much knowledge do I need to gain
    Whose help to I need to elicit

    Chapter 4 – Goals

    What are my goals
    How do I set my goals
    Do I have a dream board
    Are my goals written down

    Chapter 5 – Promotion of Blog

    Article marketing
    Search engine optimization
    Pay per click
    Social Media

    You can see how when you flesh this outline out far enough, your Ebook Mechanics will come together in a way that it practically writes itself.

    Step 3: In The Words of the Great Tennis Shoe, JUST DO IT!

    imagesYes, you heard me right…. START….. NOW!

    There’s power in your pen when you put it to paper.

    Seriously, I can procrastinate for 10 days and as soon as I start writing, it just starts flowing. You’ll be amazed at the things that come out.

    Don’t worry about perfection. If we all started out perfect, nobody would ever be a writer, trust me!

    You will get better just like a fine wine, as you practice and evolv as a writer.

    If you need help developing ideas or products, you may want to check out the Crusher College.

    Step 4: Finish Strong, and Here’s Why

    The single most important thing about writing an ebook is to finish it.

    You have to be tough and have the tenacity to see it through.

    Here’s why.

    Writing an Ebook, and learning proper Ebook mechanics will create a legacy for you. Even if you don’t write about yourself, there will still be a part of you in that book.

    Think about it, how can there not be?

    It’s your thoughts on a subject that you’re passionate about.

    Something that I’m really passionate about is helping people to realize their full potential, especially when they have been told they don’t have any potential their whole lives.

    Nothing makes me madder than when I see someone with a ton of potential and no self worth.

    I’m so passionate about it that I’m writing a book on the subject. To get a sneak peek into my book and get 7 really great lesson on achieving Flip Flop Freedom, just put your name and email in the boxes below. I’ll rush my free report right out to you.

    I hope you found this eBook Mechanics tutorial helpful. If you did, I’d really appreciate it if you would leave me your comments below and definitely share it with you friends by clicking on the TweetMe button at the top.

    As always, thanks for visiting my blog!

    Until Next Time,

    Expect Great Things!


    85 Responses to “Ebook Mechanics – How to Create Ebook Content 101”
    1. Debbie says:

      Bev, you, I am sure, have a great E-book inside of you :) You for it.


    2. Debbie says:

      Be looking for the second email soon. There was a glitch and I’m fixing tonight!


    3. Debbie says:

      Hey Monty, thanks for your comment. Yes, this was just a kind of an introduction. Maybe in a future blog post I’ll get more into the techy side of things. I’m not as versed on that yet :)


    4. Debbie says:

      Hey Scott, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I think the hardest part is getting started and having a great subject that you love. The rest seems to fall into place! :)


    5. Debbie says:

      Well, Vanessa, I’m the Queen of Procrastination. I’m really working on it and trying to get in gear for things I need to do for my business. Baby steps :) Thanks for visiting my blog….


    6. Debbie says:

      Hey Beki, thanks for visiting my blog. That was also one of my favorite sentences in the post!


    7. Hi Debbie,

      Found you thanks to TSA.

      I have heard it so many times….
      “There is at least one book in everyone”
      Getting it out is a lot more difficult than I first imagined.
      I have started so many time but never finished…

      I like the way you have broken down here in the post…
      Hopefully this time I can get to the end.

      Great post …thanks


      Debbie Reply:

      Thanks Bryan! Appreciate your post and glad for TSA. It’s great to meet so many amazing people!


    8. Debbie,
      What a great outline! This will be so helpful to many who, as you say, have a great book inside but have yet to tap into it. One of the things that helped me years ago was learning to just start writing once the outline was done. Forget about trying to make the sentence perfect. Forget about spell checking right then. Forget about paragraph layout, etc. Just write. When the first draft of the book is done, THEN go back and start to make it look pretty. That advice mad a huge difference for me.

      You’ve shared something very important here…and I’m sure many people will find themselves well on their way to getting their books written thanks to your help!

      To your continued success,
      .-= Robin van der Merwe´s last blog ..Six Ways to Get More Blog Comments =-.


    9. Hi Debbie,

      You did a brilliant job in laying this out – practical step by step instructions along with great examples give your post such clarity and impact. Thanks for taking the time and effort to lay out the steps so concisely. You rock!
      .-= Debbie Stevens´s last blog ..Running – A New Frontier =-.


    10. Bruce Cagle says:

      Hey Debbie, I guess it is time to dust off the 2 I have mostly completed and finish them. Finishing is the hardest part for me. It is easy to start, and I enjoy the process, But the polishing is the hard, part. I think I should just hire someone to do that. Get more of my work out there for sure.
      Great Post,


    11. John Gaydon says:

      Hi Debbie, you give great detail on the process of writing an Ebook. I remember when I wrote my book, “Life Mastery – how to achieve it” now available from free in Ebook form from my web site, I went through a process pretty similar to the one you illustrate here. It fell into sections, and then I was able to flesh out each section with relevant information. I have a couple more part finished publications, and you have inspired me to get back to them!

      I agree that each one of us has a gift to share with the world, and in a way, it is criminal not to share that. I say this because we touch people’s lives with our words, and you never know who you will inspire to have the courage to follow their dream. When someone you don’t know calls you to tell you that your book helped the change their life for the better, it is a buzz that you never forget. Let’s hope everyone who reads this post is inspired to bring that book of theirs to life!
      .-= John Gaydon´s last blog ..Is It Better To Build Your Home Business Part Time =-.


      Debbie Reply:

      Thanks for your comment John. I do hope this inspires everyone to write an E-Book. I think everyone has a book inside of them and if it would just come out, imagine the impact we can have on the world. I’ll have to check out your book too. Thanks for the information.


    12. Thank you so much. I have been struggling with ebooks for some time. I actually the content already written, but I don’t know how to format it in an appealing package. Today everything is bells and whistles and I don’t know how to do more than words on white paper.

      But that is a start I suppose. Need to dig in and get it done!


      Debbie Reply:

      You’re right Alexander, it is a start, now just keep going and before you know it you will have a fully written E-Book. It’s easier than you think !


    13. Debbie,
      I read this post on Setember 8 and read it again today with new eyes. I don’t remember the link to Crusher’s College. That looks like a great program. When I settle down to begin writing my new ebook series, I will definitely check that out.
      Thanks for a really great post.

      .-= Dr. Erica Goodstone´s last blog ..Does YOUR Face Need Surgery STOP! Read This First =-.


    14. Vanessa says:

      Wow! I just wish everyone would read this short but very helpful tutorial before publishing their ebooks. I can’t begin to tell you how many ebooks I’ve come across in my time in the online world that weren’t worth the bandwidth it took to download them.

      Thanks for a very concise and beneficial tutorial.

      Live with passion and purpose,
      .-= Vanessa´s last blog ..The New Twitter – Love It Or Hate It =-.


    15. Hi Debbie, great to be here again. I couldn’t find your latest post, so guessing this might be it.

      Ebook publishing/product creation is very powerful and important to brand yourself as a leader in this industry.

      It’s one of the only ways to stand out from the crowd. But, at the same time… you’ve still got to know how to market your ebook/product, and that’s where people struggle


    16. Walter says:

      I’m currently writing my first ebook and this proves to be very helpful. Thanks for the motivation. :-)


      Debbie Reply:

      Walter, congratulations on taking the big step! Good luck with your first book and be sure to let me know when it’s done. I’d love to check it out! :)


    17. Maggie Lancy says:

      Thanks for the great information on becoming a write with Ebooks!


    18. Debbie,

      Having produced a dozen or so ebooks, with my biggest being 274 pages, I can attest that you have written some great info in here. There is an ebook in EVERY person if they just take the shackles off and apply tips like yours. It’s quite rewarding to know you are an author, although not a published one (unless you’ve got in selling in Amazon on the Kindle).

      Great stuff!

      .-= Mike Pedersen´s last blog ..What’s Your Brand Say About Your Business =-.


    19. Great stuff Debbie, I am about to start writing an ebook to build my brand and to be honest I have been looking for some valuable advice. Your layout is absolutely the best to go by.

      Thanks again for your in depth explanation an how to write an ebook, now I just have to get started and use your guidance.

      .-= Thomas Lierzer´s last blog ..Jordan Schultz Interviews Me In Las Vegas Raw and Uncut =-.


    20. I really love using mind maps when organizing a new ebook (or any other project for that matter)

      I can brain dump all my ideas… then move them around to my heart’s content. Thanks for the great blueprint on getting your ebook out of your head and onto the ‘page’.
      .-= Debbie Lattuga´s last blog ..20 Reasons I Love My Ebook Reader =-.


    21. Great outline for a person to follow! Love what you have put together. WE can help people with hosting and marketing their books after they finish well. What a great resource.


    22. Golda Smith says:

      Hi Debbie,

      Coming from a science background I really do appreciate a good formula. This is very timely for me as I am in the process of creating an eBook. I found this post to be very helpful because you give a great example of how to get my thoughts on paper and organize them, so thank you.

      .-= Golda Smith´s last blog ..Prospecting Tips For Network Marketing Success =-.


      Debbie Reply:

      Good luck with your E-Book Golda. Be sure to let me know when it’s done!


    23. Deb Augur says:

      Hi Debbie,

      Wow… you really laid out a great step-by-step strategy to get that ebook put together! Fantastic guide. That’s very generous of you. And you made it a very entertaining, fun read, to boot!

      And the quote, “A blank piece of paper is God’s way of telling us how hard it is to be God.” by Sidney Sheldon was a wonderful discovery. I don’t think I had read it before… or I have long forgotten it. I love that!

      And the greatest point you made, in my humble opinion, is: The single most important thing about writing an ebook is to finish it. Amen to that!

      Great to meet you via the TSA and find another valuable blog to visit. Best wishes!
      .-= Deb Augur´s last blog ..Social Media and Psychology =-.


      Debbie Reply:

      Thanks for your comments Deb, and it’s great to meet you also. TSA is a wonderful group and I’m totally enjoying it.


    24. I’ve done a little research on writing a book and it is the same principle. Start by writing down the chapters and then expand on the chapters. It’s a great formula and it works well.
      Thanks for sharing your formula. It makes the process much easier for people when you have it written out step by step for them to follow.
      .-= Wendy Hewlett´s last blog ..A Journey of Personal Growth =-.


    25. Debbie-

      As someone who has written several eBooks, I ccan vouch for the truth of what you’ve shared.

      It always amazes me how “scary” writing an eBook can seem to some people- but it’s not scary at all- and you just proved it with your very easy to follow guidelines!

      What’s even MORE satisfying than writing your own eBook? I’d have to say sellling it! That way you get to keep 100% of the profits! :) This is one way that people who are looking to make extra money, can do so- and best of all, they can tap into their skill set and write about their passion at the same time!

      Looking forward to reading more from you!

      .-= Natasha Nassar´s last blog ..The BIGGEST Mistakes Beginning Internet Marketers Make =-.


      Debbie Reply:

      Thanks for your comments Natasha. You’re right, writing an e-book is very satisfying. I haven’t sold one yet, but that’s my next step!


    26. Hey there Debbie,

      Creating an ebook is a powerful way to get more leads funneling into your autoresponder system and ultimately start building an entire funnel around it.
      .-= Fresh MLM Leads´s last blog ..Momentis Review – Is Momentis The New Energy Revolution =-.


    27. Ryan Martin says:

      Hey Debbie,
      This is a very informative post that I am going to have to reference before creating an Ebook. Your blog looks good, and has a lot of great information as well.
      .-= Ryan Martin´s last blog ..Is ViSalus Sciences Nothing But A Scam =-.


      Debbie Reply:

      Thanks Ryan, let me know when you book is done. Will definitely check it out.


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