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Online Video = Viral Marketing

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Filed under Featured, Home Based Business OMG, What???? Are you serious, you really want me to put my face on video to promote my business???

Well, umm, actually YES! Why, you might ask. Because Online Video = Viral Marketing, it’s that simple.

A good video can
make all the difference.

~~Brian May

Online Video Marketing is a way to get your product or services out in front of BILLIONS of eyes. (Yes, that with a “B”).

Video has so many amazing capabilities and opens up a wide range of options for showcasing what you have to offer. Plus, the timing to use video in your business could not be better than it is right now.

The Possibilities are Truly Endless

Just check out these statistics:

  • More than 179 million Americans watched at least one online video each month during 2010

  • More than 88.6 million people watched at least one online video on an average day in December 2010 (up 32%)
  • Mobile subscribers over the age of 13 who watch online video on their mobile device in the second quarter of 2010 reached 21.9 million (up 43%).
  • OK, so you may agree by now that video marketing is a great thing personally, and for your business, but where in the heck do I start, you may ask…..

    I’m glad you asked that question!

    First, you MUST have a YouTube Channel. This is nothing more than a place to store your videos, get them out into the marketing place and gather your friends to watch and comment on them.

    There are as many uses for video that there are ideas you can come up with

    I’m going to touch on just a few ideas here to get you started.

    You can check out my channel here. [Shameless promotion: Please feel free to join, friend, comment and enjoy the videos. And be sure to come back often, they are ever growing.]

    YouTube is easy to sign up for and the best part is, it’s free!!

    OK, what’s next? Now what do I do?orange_man_big_question

    I know those questions you’re carrying around can get pretty heavy, so let’s try to lighten up that load and clear up some of the confusion.

    There are literally as many uses for video as you can come up with in your imagination.

    I’m going to touch on just a few here to get you started.


    USE NO. 1: To Give Instruction.

    Video is a great way to learn. Online college classes and even online high school are growing by leaps and bounds in popularity.

    Everything is being taught by video from archery to zumba. (In other words, from A to Z, you can find it online)!!

    I put up this instructional video on my YouTube channel and as of today, it has 2,124 views. Yep, that’s viral marketing at its finest. Someone sent me a recording of a training that a guy in Sweden did where he used this exact video as an example of using Social Oomph and it’s still being shown today. Wow, pretty cool huh?

    Today is 3/26/11. Go check out my channel and see what the number is today. It’s fun stuff!

    And the really cool part is that once a video goes viral, there’s no telling whose eyes are going to be on it. Someone on the other side of the country from you may be brought back to your YouTube channel because this particular video was recommended to them in a video they were watching and BAM, they’re back on your channel getting caught up in your videos and seeing YOUR business opportunity! Ya gotta love it!


    USE NO. 2: To Document Something Funny, Cute or Interesting.

    This is by far the most viral form of video marketing there is. This type of a video, even if it’s mildly funny, dropped onto the right screen and seen by the right eyes, can give you instant Rockstar Status!!

    Just check out what happened to these folks. One day they they were a normal family with an adorable baby, and BAM, all of a sudden they have over 11 MILLION views to a 58 second video.

    Baby Emerson is now a YouTube superstar and his parents have already made appearances on the news and even Baby Emerson himself is stealing the show on several video spots. Just add up the hits he’s getting and it will blow your mind.

    It’s life changing for this child.

    Here’s one of mine that was kind of cute! It only has 130 views right now, but just with me putting it on this blog post, that could potentially change very quickly. Pass it on and let’s see how famous we can make Abby!


    USE NO. 3: Video Conferencing. Saving Time and Money.

    Video Conferencing is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. Companys are implementing this method of getting the message out for many things, such as:

  • Training employees on new systems
  • Conducting board meetings and other types of meetings
  • LInking remote offices to the home office and eliminating travel expenses
  • Connecting family and friends together that live far apart from each other.
  • Check out what one article had to say about Video Conferencing:

    “On screen” is no longer just a line Star Fleet captains utter in Star Trek episodes. Advances in videoconferencing have increased its use dramatically throughout the U.S. military and government agencies. The number of secure conferences processed through the Defense Information System Agency’s Defense Information System Network Video Services (DVS) network has grown from two to more than 40 per day since September 11, 2001, an astounding 2,000 percent increase. Overall, the number of videoconferences has escalated to more than 120 per day.

    **Excerpt from Article by Maryann Lawler

    So, as you can see, Video Conferencing is quickly becoming the “room of choice” for corporate meetings and training sessions.

    The cost of Video Conferencing can range from $45.00 a month (with a limited number of attendees) on the low side, to several hundred dollars a month if you need the capacity of having more people in your webinar. Talk Fusion offers Video Conferencing with unlimited attendees and unlimited webinars for 35 Dollars a month.


    USE NO. 4: Video Emails.

    imagesSocial Media in the newest and most fun way to connect with family and friends. Video email is growing so rapidly that it is predicted that by 2014 85% of all emails will be video.

    Why are video emails so fun??? Because everyone loves to watch things like baby’s first words, or a Happy Father’s Day message to grandpa who lives on the other side of the country from his grandkids.

    Imagine how special it is when mom is traveling and she wakes up in the morning to her little baby smiling at her in an email.

    And the examples go on and on. As many occasions that you can think of, you can send a video email to fit it.

    To see some examples of great ways to use video emails, click here.

    Or, better yet, just enter your name and email address below, and I will personally send you a beautiful, colorful video email so you can see exactly what I’m talking about.

    The theme will be a surprise, but I promise you will like it :)


    imagesBottom Line is that virtually EVERYONE will know what this symbol means before too long.

    Video is here to stay, like it or not. The quicker we grab ahold of this and realize that it’s not going anywhere, the quicker we will become a part of the flow and riding the wave into tomorrow.

    Nike move over, it’s time for “Just Push Play“!!!

    As always, thanks for visiting my blog!

    Until Next Time,

    Exceed Your Expectations!


    3 Responses to “Online Video = Viral Marketing”
    1. Love this post Debbie.Of course since you are promoting video I had to comment. Video is the best tool out there for everything online. I love video emails. Using tools for Tweeting like Social OOmph is such a time saver too.
      Looking forward to SEEING you more in the future.


      Debbie Reply:

      Thanks Beverly. Yeah, I’m getting pretty addicted to it myself. Love sending a video email to people. Great comments back!


    2. Kathy Jodrey says:

      Hey Deb,

      Yes, video is most definitely the wave of the future. It makes great business sense, and has so many useful applications – and is really fun to use for personal use. Just another way that the Internet is bringing people together from all parts of the world. George Jetson has nothing on us!

      Great choice with Talk Fusion. This program has the best features, for the lowest price, and is always growing in usefulness.

      Love the baby video, and OMG, the one of Abby is too funny. I thought that package had to have a raw steak in it or something – LOL!!!

      Kathy Jodrey


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